iBT Team Member

iBT Team Member

iBT understands the important power of team working, hence we invite people who believe the value of iBT to become a team member. The requirement to become a member is you have to have organizing and communication skills. This membership is based on the same interest to give the excellent service to iBT guests, clients and partners and the willingness to improve the value of iBT. 

iBT Team Member offers a number of benefits of membership such as:

  • Receive Job Order

iBT Team Member has the opportunity to receive job order and get paid based on the job done. This pay can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the job order. This job order is decided by iBT Management and will be decided based a lot on the team member competencies and feedbacks or requests from iBT guests, clients and partners

  • Receive Free Education and Training

iBT Team Member has the right to get at least six times free training per year. This training includes, but not limited to language training, excellent service training, cross culture understanding, guiding technique, or other training for personal development. There is also an opportunity for iBT Team Member to request certain training topics for special need. Training will be scheduled based on time and trainers availability. Certificate is awarded at every training session by legal education and training institutions collaborated with iBT.

  • Receive Special Discount

iBT Team Member are entitled to have discount and special offers from iBT working partners, i.e. special discount for food in a restaurant, special discount for school fee, etc.

How do I Become iBT Team Member?

The Membership Application FORM is available online. Fill it out today to activate your membership. If you have any questions about the membership, please submit the request form below.

Membership costs only 180K IDR per Year

Membership Form

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