iBT Family Member

iBT Family Member

iBT serves guests, clients and partners like a family, hence we create a program of iBT Family Member known as iBT Fame. It is a part of iBT programs to improve the business and to invite guests, clients and partners to become our friends and family. This membership is based on common interest in sharing information about culture, education, sports, national and worldwide viral, or any other information related to the knowledge of life. 

iBT Fame offers a number of benefits of membership such as:

  • Receive Special Offer

iBT Fame will receive special offer of iBT program. This special offer can be in the benefits of discount for a tour program, flexible tour hours or destinations, free souvenirs, or any other offer which suits both iBT Fame and the tour program. Guests, Clients and Partners recommended by iBT Fame will receive a similar treatment as iBT Fame

  • Market Your Company's or Your Profile in iBT Networking
    iBT Fame has the opportunity to market their company or their profiles at our iBT networking.

How do I Become iBT Fame?

The Membership Application FORM is available online. Fill it out today to activate your membership. If you have any questions about the membership, please submit the request form below.

There is no cost involved for iBT Fame

Membership Form